Area: Macroeconomic and Monetary Studies, Research and Statistics Group
Title: Research Associate
Education: University of Pennsylvania

How Is the Fed Unique?

As a recent graduate, I am a fortunate to be working for an institution where I can both learn about and contribute to monetary policy especially in current times. The Fed's role in the U.S. and global economies has been integral, and to be given the chance to work on extremely relevant research projects has helped me comprehend the complex economic and financial systems while helping me decide on a career path. Over the last year, I have met many colleagues whose collaborative and intellectual rigor have allowed me to grow professionally.

My Responsibilities

I assist and work with Ph.D. economists who perform research work and policy analysis. I often contribute to producing presentations or briefings given to the Bank president and senior management, or at external research conferences. A big part of my job also involves programming in statistical packages to perform econometric analysis for the economists’ research papers.

Challenges and Rewards of My Job

One of the biggest rewards as a research associate (RA) is being able to work with other great RAs and prominent economists. A lot of trust is given to us. The amount of work that each of us does is usually determined on our own initiative. I think this is also a challenge, but in a good way, because it allows me to evaluate myself. It is a positive incentive to make sure that I am working as hard as I can.

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