Area: Financial Services
Title: AVP, Cash & Custody
Education: Bryant University; Virginia Tech

Why the Fed?

I chose the New York Fed because of the incredibly interesting and challenging work that was well matched to my background. As an engineer, I was naturally drawn to the automation and controls utilized throughout the Cash operation. However, what I have been impressed with since joining the Bank, is the unprecedented balance of culture, diversity and stewardship. I am truly proud to be part of such an honorable and dedicated institution as the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

My Responsibilities

In my current role, I lead the organization responsible for the Bank Note processing of all domestic and international deposits. In addition, I represent New York Currency Verification and collaborate with other Federal Reserve System members to implement best practices and Systemwide standardization initiatives.

Challenges and Rewards of My Job

Because I came from a completely different industry, my greatest challenge has been ensuring that I always remain a "quick study.” I am constantly exposed to new and challenging situations. But that challenge is also my greatest reward! I feel fortunate to work in a dynamic environment, where I know each day brings new learning and the opportunity to contribute to our success.

How Is the Fed Unique?

Although the Federal Reserve Bank of New York performs a seemingly wide range of activities, all are completely aligned in the common purpose of providing systemic financial stability. Knowing that the entire organization is selflessly rowing in the same direction (with the same passion) is absolutely a unique and laudable attribute.

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