Area: Markets
Title: Data Management Senior Associate
Education: St. John's University

Why the Fed?

As the nation’s central bank, the Fed has been front and center helping our financial institutions and the economy find their footing in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Operating on the critical path of our nation’s health and welfare requires more diverse and advanced methods for analyzing and evaluating economic and financial activity. Information is an integral asset and Data Management is the cornerstone.

My Responsibilities

I am responsible for contributing to the development and implementation of the Markets Group’s Data Management strategy. My role is to partner with business, technology and operational areas to effectively establish a working organizational structure that will enable the delivery of timely and accurate data to our users for critically important decision making. It is essential to understand the data and analytical needs of the group, while establishing a cooperative effort to ensure proper standards and processes are in place to efficiently manage the data supply chain.

Challenges and Rewards of My Job

The Data Management program is tied to the Markets Group’s core business objectives. As such, our challenge is to meet today’s business-based project requirements while aggressively advancing our long-term strategic roadmap. The reward is being part of a collaborative undertaking and the expectation to achieve a standard of operational excellence.

How Is the Fed Unique?

The Fed is incredibly unique. The work of the Fed is inspiring. The culture is unique. Removing the "profit” factor allows for an uncompromising level of integrity. On the ground, there is a collective cohesiveness and an enduring commitment toward “getting it right.”

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