Area: Risk
Title: Risk Analytics Associate
Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology; New York University

Why the Fed?

The Fed is positioned at a unique, critical point in the economy. There is no better time and opportunity to build my career in quantitative risk management and gain valuable experience at the nation's most influential regulatory body.

My Responsibilities

I am a member of the model development team in Risk Analytics. My responsibilities include building market and credit risk models to enhance the Fed’s ability to measure and manage exposures from extensions of credit, as well as supporting the group’s role in validating internal and vendor risk models.

Challenges and Rewards of My Job

One of the challenges is the continual need to be aware of evolving financial risk and policy issues in the market. Possessing such in-depth industry and technical knowledge is critical to fulfilling the rest of my responsibilities. Fortunately, the rewards of working here are the constant opportunities to learn and the amount of resources available for internal and external training.

How Is the Fed Unique?

The Bank’s employees share a deep, common understanding about Fed’s role in the economy, and this understanding is visible in the way employees conduct their work with passion, integrity and of high quality.

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