Area: Audit
Title: Audit Senior Associate
Education: City University of New York

Why the Fed?

During our recent financial crisis, the prompt and decisive actions of the Federal Reserve curtailed economic disaster. Thoroughly impressed, I wanted to be a part of the institution and work alongside the people who drive the effort to maintain our financial system.

My Responsibilities

My responsibilities include planning and performing audit engagements around the New York Fed and across the Federal Reserve System. The main objective is to work with our clients and counterparties across the Bank and System to appraise and improve process efficiency while effectively achieving objectives set forth by management.

Challenges and Rewards of My Job

The main challenge has been navigating the uniqueness of the institution in terms of overall responsibilities and functions performed. As an auditor, becoming familiar with the New York Fed's operations and processes is fundamental to becoming a value-adding agent of change. I have found that the people across the institution are quite welcoming and eager to provide needed information and guidance. Recognition by management and peers for a job well done is rewarding and part of the culture here.

How Is the Fed Unique?

Aside from the obvious uniqueness of the Fed, I find the people to be extraordinarily different from those you would find in other institutions. The people here genuinely care about doing the right thing, in the right way, for the benefit of the most people. Personally, I feel that the greatest amount of job satisfaction is centered around those who you interact with on a daily basis. I truly enjoy the camaraderie and collegiate atmosphere at the New York Fed, where the same senior leadership working hard in support of the mission of the Bank will occasionally have fun with staff by singing karaoke or playing basketball.

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