Area: Emerging Market & International Affairs
Title: International Finance Economics Senior Associate
Education: Williams College; Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University

Why the Fed?

I chose the New York Fed because it allowed me to combine my deep interest in international economic policy and the study of financial crises with public service. This institution's place at the intersection of economic policy making—both domestic and international—and its many opportunities for professional growth make it an excellent place to work.

My Responsibilities

I am responsible for keeping senior management and Bank staff informed on economic, political and financial market issues in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. My duties include monitoring and analyzing day-to-day developments in these countries and in Asia generally, assessing risks and policy implications, forecasting macroeconomic and financial variables, briefing policymakers and other staff, and maintaining a network of official and private-sector contacts.

Challenges and Rewards of My Job

The rewards of my job include working with a wonderful group of personable, knowledgeable and committed colleagues; learning about the wide variety of issues economic policymakers face globally; and contributing to the New York Fed’s internal and external dialogue regarding economic policy. The most challenging aspect of the job is the need for continual learning. Banking systems, financial markets and economic and political structures are constantly evolving, so there’s a steep learning curve. Of course, that’s also another very rewarding element of the job.

How Is the Fed Unique?

The New York Fed’s position at the intersection of the public and private sector, as well as its position at the intersection of the domestic and international financial markets, give it a distinct perspective. That perspective, combined with the diverse group of talented people it brings together—individuals with backgrounds in academia, markets, operations and policy—makes it a unique organization.