Area: Corporate
Title: Strategic Investment Senior Associate
Education: Marist College

Why the Fed?

I studied political science and economics as an undergraduate, and always maintained a strong sense of public service. When I began to match my intellectual interests against my personal and career aspirations, the New York Fed seemed like a natural avenue to explore. As a Fed Challenge participant in college, my interest was piqued, and my hunch that this was a place I'd love to work was confirmed.

My Responsibilities

As an analyst in the Statistics function, my role is that of a gatekeeper for various types of financial and economic data the Federal Reserve System collects. I’m in contact on a daily basis with hundreds of banks and financial institutions in the Federal Reserve System’s Second District. These institutions originate all sorts of data that my colleagues and I collect, manage and analyze on behalf of monetary policymakers and economists at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and U.S. Department of the Treasury. My unit specifically analyzes international capital flow data that comprise parts of the balance of payments and U.S. investment portfolio position.

Challenges and Rewards of My Job

In the Age of Information, a premium is placed on how data are managed and analyzed, and no other institution may be better at that than the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This is both the challenge and a reward: it’s heartening to know my work ultimately serves the greater good and is held in high esteem, but it takes a sober mindset and some serious dedication to ensure that’s the case. Fortunately, I’m surrounded by fantastic colleagues that share the same values and work in an environment that invites openness and a healthy work-life balance.

How Is the Fed Unique?

When I started working here in the summer of 2007, I was immediately struck by the collegiality with which the Bank conducts its business and treats its employees. There are elements of working in the Research and Statistics Group that remind me of a university setting, which is a good thing. You don’t get that feeling in very many workplaces, and I’m glad it exists at the Bank for at least one important reason: I’m not just here to get it done, I’m here to get it right.