Area: Technology Services
Title: Application Architect Senior Associate
Education: New York University

Why the Fed?

I was looking for a job where innovation would be valued and where I would be able to further develop professionally. I found a great fit in the Advanced Technology Center, a small group within the Bank's IT department. Not only was the job interesting, but the benefits package was great. I was especially attracted by the Tuition Assistance Program the Fed offers to employees wanting to pursue further education.

My Responsibilities

My responsibilities include identifying and introducing new technologies to the Bank. I develop pilot projects and prototypes using new technologies that promise to become valuable for various applications. Some of the prototypes I’ve worked on revolved around real-time data visualization, formal XML extensions, and mobile applications.

Challenges and Rewards of My Job

I am frequently called upon to quickly become proficient in unfamiliar technologies, and then to transfer that knowledge to other developers. I enjoy these challenges and I am rewarded with the opportunity to constantly learn new things and work on interesting projects.
How Is the Fed Unique?
Despite being large and geographically distributed, the Fed is a well-connected community. Employees know each other and work closely together across departments and districts.