Area: Legal
Title: Federal Reserve Law Enforcement Officer Senior Sergeant

Why the Fed?

The reason why I chose the Fed was stability and long term employment. I knew that accepting a position at the Fed would allow me to represent an institution that represented America and the world. I learned after much research that it would be a great opportunity to work in one of the most powerful and influential places in the world. I wear a uniform that represents the Federal Reserve System and the United States on a whole.

My Responsibilities

I am one of three law enforcement officers assigned to the Transportation and Protection Unit. My main responsibility is the protection of the Fed and all of its assets. My secondary responsibility is to coordinate transportation for the executives of the New York District and any visiting district, including the Board of Governors. I have a broad range of responsibilities, including teaching new recruits at our in-house law enforcement academy as a certified instructor for New York State.

Challenges and Rewards of My Job

In a position such as mine, I have to respond to any situation that disrupts the quality of life at the Fed. I know that at any moment I could be managing events from responding to a medical emergency, to rearranging transport or assisting in enforcing the security of this facility. The rewards of my job are just as vast as the challenges. When I leave for the day, I know I have done something tangible, respectable and noticeable.