Area: Risk
Title: Credit Admin Senior Associate
Education: Rhode Island College

Why the Fed?

The opportunity to serve in this organization at this time in history is a real honor. It quickly became clear that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is a great fit for me. The analytical training I am receiving is a great education and serves as a motivator. I make a strong positive contribution in some way, and that feels good.

My Responsibilities

I am currently working as a junior analyst in the Structured Products area of the Credit and Payments Risk Group. My role includes identifying and obtaining required data, building analytical platforms and drafting reports to inform management and staff about the credit risks that exist within various market segments. This developing role leverages my extensive background as an operational risk liaison, helping my team document and address Bank operational risk requirements.

Challenges and Rewards of My Job

I am continuously challenged to think differently and communicate my results more effectively. I am encouraged to approach problems openly and produce complete, concise results based on facts. The greatest reward has been my personal growth, the unexpected creativity and meaningful contribution I make to several core initiatives. I am very proud of these accomplishments.

How Is the Fed Unique?

I would say the Fed's role as a central bank makes it incredibly unique. The mission and objectives drive a work experience very different from the private sector. The focus on people is refreshing.