Where Do I Fit In?
The New York Fed employs approximately 3,000 people with a wide range of skills and expertise who help carry out the Bank's mission. Read about the groups and offices, and see where you might fit in.
The Audit office evaluates the adequacy of the Bank's systems of internal control, the extent of compliance with established procedures and regulations, and the effectiveness of Bank operations.

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Communications and Outreach
The mission of the Communications and Outreach Group is to develop, coordinate and disseminate information about the Bank and its work to internal and external audiences.

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The Corporate Group provides various services to support the Bank and help each of its business areas attain its strategic objectives.

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Executive Office
The Executive Office is comprised of the following organizational units reporting directly to the President and First Vice President: the Chief of Staff's Office, Equal Employment Opportunity Office and Wholesale Product Office.

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Financial Services
The Financial Services Group fosters the integrity, efficiency and accessibility of U.S. dollar payment and settlement systems in support of U.S. financial stability and economic growth.

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Human Resources
The mission of Human Resources (HR) is to deliver integrated and scalable HR solutions that enhance the effectiveness of the Bank's businesses and staff; attract the most skilled, capable and diverse talent by leveraging the credibility, culture and unique opportunities offered by the Bank; and prepare the next generation of leaders for the Bank by retaining and developing our talented staff through outstanding opportunities for their career.

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Integrated Policy Analysis
The Integrated Policy Analysis Group is designed to enhance the Bank’s capacity to develop a more comprehensive and integrated view of the global economic and financial environment, in order to help inform and strengthen decision-making across the Bank’s monetary, supervisory and payments policy responsibilities as part of the Federal Reserve System.

The Legal Group comprises six separate and distinct Functions: Legal, Bank Applications, Compliance, Corporate Secretary's Office (CSO), Federal Reserve Law Enforcement Unit (FRLEU), and Records Management.

The Legal Function handles the Bank's legal work, including managing the Bank’s involvement in litigation, conducting transactions and formulating general policy, participating in negotiations, and drafting and reviewing documents, contracts and correspondence.

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The Markets Group comprises many business areas that fulfill a range of responsibilities, from planning and executing open market operations to managing foreign customer accounts.

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Research and Statistics
The Research and Statistics Group provides analytic support for the Bank's responsibilities relating to monetary policy, banking supervision, payments systems, and financial market issues. In addition to contributing to the formulation and execution of policy in these areas, our economists conduct independent research on a wide range of topics.

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The Risk Group leads and coordinates the Bank's assessment of its financial risks, and its payments policy and oversight agenda.

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The Supervision Group supervises and regulates financial institutions in the Second District. It applies its unique insight to influence and execute Federal Reserve System supervision in order to promote a safe, sound and stable banking and financial system. Staff in the Group assess the safety and soundness of domestic banking institutions and operations of foreign banking organizations in the District through periodic onsite evaluations and offsite financial analysis and surveillance. The Group also analyzes issues and developments to identify emerging supervisory risks and develop domestic and international supervisory policy.

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Technology Services
The Technology Services Group (TSG) is responsible for the strategic planning and provisioning of automation services to the Bank. These include application development, data architecture, network, communications and data center infrastructure and operations, project management, technology vendor management, and overall information technology and information security. The Group also provides national information security, incident response, national remote access and enterprise search services for the Federal Reserve System.

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