The Federal Reserve in the 21st Century

Talks on Monetary Policy and Financial Stability for College Professors and Students

The New York Fed invites you to use the videos and corresponding slides from the Federal Reserve in the 21st Century symposium for educational purposes. This textbook tool links videos from top researchers and senior staff at the New York Fed to chapters of popular economics textbooks. The videos and the corresponding slides can serve as reference material for macroeconomics and money, banking and financial markets courses. For each textbook, we have indicated the chapters relevant to each video.

The textbooks that appear on this page were selected based on sales volume information. The New York Fed does not endorse any particular textbook or publisher. Their reference on this page does not imply endorsement by the New York Fed.

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The videos on this page may be performed or displayed in whole or in part for educational purposes and presentations may be reproduced, published, distributed, displayed and transmitted in part or in their entirety so long as copyright notices and disclaimers are not removed and a reasonable effort to provide attribution to the speaker or author and the New York Fed and citation or link to this page is made. If you distribute a presentation via a publicly available network, please send a notice with a citation to the reprinted, published or displayed materials to Adrian Franco at Derivative works, such as translations and excerpts of the videos and presentations, may only be reproduced, published, distributed, displayed and transmitted with prior written consent of the New York Fed unless the derivative work is clearly marked as the work of the author of the derivative work and the attribution described above is made. Please contact the New York Fed as indicated above to request permission for the foregoing. The presentations posted on this page may be included in a repository so long as there is no premium or charge above any general access or subscription fee applied to access it.
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