Operating Policy
Statement Regarding Standing Repo Facility Counterparty Eligibility Criteria
April 8, 2022

The Open Market Trading Desk at the New York Fed is implementing the following adjustment to the Standing Repo Facility counterparty eligibility criteria for depository institutions. The requirement for these institutions to have total U.S. Treasury, agency debt and agency mortgage-backed securities holdings equal to or greater than $5 billion or total assets equal to or greater than $30 billion is being reduced to $2 billion and $10 billion, respectively.

This change is intended to make the Standing Repo Facility accessible to a broader range of depository institutions, in line with the Federal Open Market Committee’s stated intent to expand access to depository institutions over time and the New York Fed’s efforts to ensure that its counterparty policies promote a fair and competitive marketplace.

All other eligibility criteria and expectations remain the same.

Firms should contact the New York Fed at RepoInfo@ny.frb.org before formally expressing interest in becoming a repo counterparty and providing the required information.

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