Reserve Maintenance Seminar

September 25, 2003

Session Description
The Statistics Function of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York will host a full-day training seminar that will discuss reserve and clearing balance requirements, as-of adjustments, account maintenance, deficiencies and penalties. The seminar is designed as a practical reference to make it easier for financial institutions to manage their reserve accounts. The seminar assumes a familiarity with accounting practices and provides a detailed discussion of each major aspect of reserve management, together with descriptions and samples of the reports and other information tools.

Representatives from the Statistics Function will describe in detail the methodology of calculating reserves, as well as pertinent federal rules and regulations. Instructions can be found online at the Federal Reserve's Reporting and Reserves web site.
Federal Reserve's Reporting and Reserves web site

The seminar will be available via the internet at Visual Webcaster

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More Information
For more information, please contact Marc Plotsker at (212) 720-6797 or Ben Annoscia at (212) 720-8920.