New Treasury International Capital (TIC) Form D Seminar
September 19, 2007

The Statistics Function conducts a half-day seminar on the TIC Report of Holdings of, and Transactions in, Financial Derivatives Contracts with Foreign Residents. All institutions with $100 billion or more in notional value of worldwide holdings of derivatives are required to submit this report. The seminar is a practical guide for completing this report and covers concepts, definitions and specific instructions.

Officers and staff responsible for supervising and preparing TIC report forms.

Registration Information

Friday, August 31

Room capacity is full, but you can still register for the webcast. If you are interested in attending in person, please call either Thad Russell at (212) 720-8041 or Michele Waldman at (212) 720-8001.


Available for at least 30 days after the presentation.

TIC forms and instructions

Date and Time
Wednesday, September 19
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Maiden Lane
10th floor conference room
New York City

Coffee and pastries will be served before the seminar begins.
Dress is business casual.

More Information
Contact Thad Russell at thad.russell@ny.frb.org or (212) 720-8041 or
Michele Waldman at michele.waldman@ny.frb.org or (212) 720-8001.