Report of U.S. Ownership of Foreign Securities Including Selected Money Market Instruments Webcast
December 15, 2008

The Statistics Function will rebroadcast the 2007 Report of U.S. Ownership of Foreign Securities, including Selected Money Market Instruments, SHC(A) seminar designed to provide an understanding of the reporting requirements and key issues that affect reporters filing Schedule 2 and Schedule 3.

Beginning with the December 31, 2008 report, SHCA filers will be able to submit their Schedule 3 reports electronically via IESUB. If you wish to file your Schedule 3 report in addition to your Schedule 1 and Schedule 2, or wish to begin filing all Schedules via IESUB, please fill out the form at: www.reportingandreserves.org/IUR.pdf and fax it to Securities Reports Division staff at (212) 720-2598.

Officers and staff responsible for the preparation and submission of the SHC(A) data.

Event Details

This event is a webcast.

Date & Time
December 15, 2008 to March 15, 2009