Webcast of Treasury International Capital (TIC) Banking and Securities Seminar
October 15, 2008 - January 15, 2009

This webcast is a re-broadcast of the 2006 Treasury International Capital (TIC) Banking and Securities Seminar. The webcast gives viewers a better understanding of why TIC data are collected; the monthly and quarterly TIC reports and their interrelationship with the annual security-by-security SHL(A) and SHC(A) reports; a review of the TIC S Fact Sheets and an overview of common reporting errors. In addition, there will be a 2007 pre-recorded broadcast for an additional reporting guidance section of the TIC B and TIC S reports.

Registration not required.

Event Details

Webcast link will be available at a later date.

More Information
Contact Anthony Guglielmo at (212) 720-8002 or anthonyv.guglielmo@ny.frb.org
Alex Santana (212) 720-6357 or alex.santana@ny.frb.org
Brian Mullarkey at (212) 720-8921 or brian.mullarkey@ny.frb.org

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