Economics of Payments II
March 29, 2006

Economists in recent years have opened many interesting avenues for research on the economics of payments. Contributions in industrial organization of two-sided markets, in monetary theory, and in empirical economics have come from research on the economics of payments. In addition, payments markets continue to be dynamic. Among such developments are the rapid changes in the use of various payment instruments around the world including, for example, the continuing decline in check usage in the U.S., the growth of debit and credit card payments in many countries, the continued development of personal online payment methods, the redesign of large-value payment systems in many countries, and the response to various antitrust disputes involving card-based payments.

The conference on the Economics of Payments will bring together central bank and academic economists to discuss these developments and other issues of interest to researchers in this area.

Officers and staff responsible for managing reserve accounts.

Event Details

Wednesday, March 29 and Thursday, March 30

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street
12th Floor Conference Center
New York City