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Federal Reserve System Organizes Conference on Financial Stability Considerations for Monetary Policy

September 16, 2022

NEW YORK—On Friday, September 30, the Federal Reserve System will host a conference at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to garner the insights of researchers and policymakers on how monetary policy affects financial vulnerabilities and in turn how the state of the financial system interacts with the achievement of the maximum employment and price stability goals of monetary policy. The conference is being co-led by Federal Reserve Board Vice Chair Lael Brainard and Federal Reserve Bank of New York President John C. Williams, who will give opening and closing remarks, respectively.

The conference will include presentations and discussion of academic research on the following topics: financial vulnerability and monetary policy; the financial (in)stability real interest rate, R**; nonbanks, banks, and monetary policy; how monetary policy affects household indebtedness; and the costs and benefits of using different policy tools in response to changes in financial conditions. The conference will also include a panel of current and former central bank policymakers to explore conference themes and paper presentations.

The conference is open to the public virtually. Further details on the event, including the full agenda, are available on the event page. Those who wish to register for the conference can do so here.

The event is also open to members of the press in-person and virtually. All remarks are on the record and the event will be recorded. Media who wish to attend should contact Mariah Measey at the New York Fed, .

Mariah Measey
(347) 978-3071 
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