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New York Fed to Post Agenda and Minutes from External Committee Meetings
January 5, 2012

NEW YORK – The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in its ongoing efforts to increase transparency, will begin releasing the agendas, minutes and charters of its external committees on a go-forward basis. These committees, which include advisory and sponsored groups, meet at different times during the year and materials will be posted on the Bank’s website as meetings occur.

The New York Fed meets regularly with small business leaders, community bankers, financial market participants, economists and others through external committees and outreach programs to obtain essential perspectives on the economy from both Main Street and Wall Street. These interactions help the New York Fed to provide timely information to the Federal Reserve System and to support the formulation and implementation of monetary policy effectively. In the case of the sponsored groups, the New York Fed also helps facilitate the development and adoption of industry best practices designed to strengthen and improve the efficiency of the financial system as a whole.

In all of these interactions, the New York Fed takes great care to frame the discussions around issues and topics that are public and takes participants' comments and insights on their merits.

Advisory groups include:

  • Advisory Council on Small Business and Agriculture
  • Community Affairs Advisory Council
  • Economic Advisory Panel
  • Financial Advisory Roundtable
  • Investor Advisory Committee on Financial Markets
  • Monetary Policy Advisory Panel
  • Upstate New York Regional Advisory Board

Sponsored groups include:

  • Foreign Exchange Committee
  • Payments Risk Committee
  • Treasury Market Practices Group
  • Financial Markets Lawyers Group
  • Buyside General Counsel Committee

Meeting agendas will be published at the same time they are sent to committee participants. The minutes will be posted within 30 days after each meeting. Membership for each group is already available on the New York Fed’s website.

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