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New York Fed Creates New Group and Names Alberto G. Musalem Head
December 3, 2014

NEW YORK–The Federal Reserve Bank of New York announced today the formation of the Integrated Policy Analysis Group (IPA), and named Alberto G. Musalem, executive vice president of the Emerging Markets and International Affairs Group (EMIA), as head of the new group. 

IPA is designed to enhance the New York Fed’s capacity to develop a more comprehensive and integrated view of the global economic and financial environment, in order to help inform and strengthen decision-making across the Bank’s monetary, supervisory and payments policy responsibilities as part of the Federal Reserve System. IPA will integrate a wide range of information from within and outside the Bank to analyze and assess how the economic and financial environment is evolving. IPA will assess risks that could impact the Federal Reserve’s objectives and consider policy options to mitigate those risks. IPA will also manage the Bank’s international relationships to help ensure that insights gained from these engagements are incorporated into the Bank’s analysis and assessments.

IPA will begin its work in January, 2015. It will bring together teams with a unique understanding of individual markets, institutions, infrastructures, and countries as well as risk and policy experts. These teams will include analysts from the New York Fed’s EMIA, Markets, Financial Institution Supervision, Risk and Research groups and Office of Financial Stability and Regulatory Policy.  The EMIA Group will cease to operate in January, 2015.

Mr. Musalem joined the Bank in 2014 as head of EMIA and member of the Bank’s management committee where he oversees the Bank’s efforts to foster international financial stability and expand international relationships. Mr. Musalem’s bio can be found here.  

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