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New York Fed Restructures Markets Group Leadership Roles

August 07, 2019

NEW YORK – The Federal Reserve Bank of New York today announced that it will restructure the leadership of the Markets Group to best meet its critical responsibilities. The previous position of Executive Vice President and Head of the Markets Group will be split into two roles: an Executive Vice President and Head of the Markets Group, and an Executive Vice President and Manager of the System Open Market Account (SOMA).

The Markets Group Head will be responsible for the group’s entire portfolio of products and services, with a focus on operational effectiveness, policy, human capital, and technology. As a member of the Executive Committee, the Markets Group Head will also play a key role in developing and implementing the New York Fed’s strategic direction and priorities.

The SOMA Manager will be responsible for a critical element of that portfolio, implementing monetary policy in accordance with the directives of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). The SOMA Manager will have a deep knowledge of capital markets, market operations, and related policy, and is responsible for providing expert analysis and advice to the FOMC. The SOMA Manager is appointed annually by the FOMC subject to approval of the New York Fed.

In both instances, the New York Fed will seek leaders who are visionary and collaborative, and who will inspire, support, and develop outstanding teams.

The New York Fed has selected Spencer Stuart to conduct a nationwide search to identify a broad, diverse and highly qualified pool of candidates—including those from within the New York Fed and the Federal Reserve System—from which to select these new leaders. The search firm is also conducting a search for a new Executive Vice President and Head of the Financial Services Group.

For more information, please contact the search firm directly at

Suzanne Elio
(212) 720-6449
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