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New York Fed Launches Expanded U.S. Credit Conditions Section of Website
August 24, 2009

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York today launched an expanded section of its website, adding new regional information on consumer credit conditions intended to assist policymakers address mortgage delinquency and foreclosure issues.

The U.S. Credit Conditions section offers new interactive maps and data on auto and student loan delinquencies, and mortgage “roll” rates. These features complement existing maps and spreadsheets on mortgage foreclosures and delinquencies, measures of subprime and alt-A mortgages and bank credit card delinquencies. The data are available at the state and county level.

This information is aimed at helping government agencies, community groups, commercial institutions and other practitioners better understand, monitor and respond to local conditions associated with foreclosures and credit and mortgage delinquencies.

“Our goal is that a wide range of decision makers in the public and private sectors will use this information to advance their efforts to resolve delinquency and foreclosure problems,” said Erica L. Groshen, vice president and director of Regional Affairs at the New York Fed.

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