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New York Fed Develops New Tool to Analyze Local Housing Market; Regional Mortgage Conditions Utility Now Available Online
March 27, 2012

NEW YORK—The Federal Reserve Bank of New York today introduced a new interactive online tool providing mortgage delinquency and foreclosure information for each county in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The Regional Mortgage Conditions utility presents analysis of the housing market in the tri-state region from September 2007 through December 2011. The tool provides information about the percentage of loans in foreclosure as well as those who are 60 days and 90+ days delinquent.

Users can view the graphical analysis on a county-by-county basis and watch an animated timeline of how mortgage conditions changed during that period. Analysis for Long Island is also available by zip code.

"Mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures continue to hinder the strength of the recovery in our district," said Kausar Hamdani, senior vice president of regional and community outreach at the New York Fed. "We are confident this tool will provide relevant and timely analysis to help inform the public, policymakers and community leaders about these ongoing conditions."

The tool will be updated and supplemented as more information becomes available.

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Technical information:
Time series data is presented on a set of chloropleth maps representing the Second District (by county) and Long Island (by zip code). Shapefiles for these two geographic regions were converted into SVG graphics and rendered for the browser using the RaphaelJS library, resulting in a web native visualization that does not require plug-ins and runs on all iOS devices.

About Regional & Community Outreach at the New York Fed
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York regional outreach mission is to promote sustained economic vitality by leveraging the Bank's strengths to benefit the people in the District. The New York Fed is also active in maintaining connections with the District’s people and key communities in order to inform Bank policy decisions and build support for sound monetary and regulatory policy.

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