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New York Fed Launches Community Advisory Group

Advisory Group Provides Insights into Issues Faced by Diverse Populations across the New York Fed’s District
April 12, 2017

NEW YORK – The Federal Reserve Bank of New York today launched the Community Advisory Group (CAG), composed of leaders of nonprofit and community organizations from throughout the Federal Reserve’s Second District. CAG members will provide the New York Fed a real-time view of the issues faced by a diverse set of communities across the Second District. The CAG’s first meeting will take place on April 19, 2017.

The New York Fed currently has several other advisory councils, including ones focused on small business and agriculture, the regional economy and community depository institutions. The CAG is unique because it focuses on understanding the economic needs and realities of individuals and households from a range of communities and geographies.

“The New York Fed’s region is home to incredibly diverse populations. The Community Advisory Group will offer critical, firsthand insight about the economic opportunities and challenges they are experiencing. This will fill knowledge gaps about how various groups are faring, which can inform our programs and research,” said Anand Marri, vice president for Outreach & Education at the New York Fed.

The CAG’s primary goal is to provide the New York Fed, including President William C. Dudley, with a more thorough understanding of the economy’s impact on communities and individuals. CAG members are selected based on their experience and expertise, and their ability to represent specific communities—such as youth, seniors, veterans, immigrants and rural populations. The initial set of CAG members include leaders in the areas of community development, community investment, financial inclusion and workforce development (members are listed below).

The CAG’s webpage, which will be updated to include meeting agendas and minutes, is here.

Community Advisory Group Members

  • Kate Fish, Executive Director, ANCA
  • Eduardo Carrera, President, Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico
  • J. Michael Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer, Community Hope
  • Claas Ehlers, President, Family Promise
  • Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez, Founder and CEO, Hot Bread Kitchen
  • Michael Martin, Executive Director, Native American Community Services
  • Deyanira Del Rio, Co-Director, New Economy Project
  • Stuart J. Mitchell, President and CEO, PathStone
  • Diosdado Gica, Chief Program Officer, SAGE
  • William Goodloe, President and CEO, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity
  • Mae Watson Grote, Founder and CEO, The Financial Clinic
  • Joseph Carbone, President and CEO, The WorkPlace
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