Financial Intermediation: Publications

Publications covering issues related to financial intermediation and financial markets, including the behavior and health of financial institutions, innovation, governance, and risk management.
Liberty Street Economics
At the New York Fed: Twelfth Annual Joint Conference with NYU-Stern on Financial Intermediation
Michael Blank, Nicola Cetorelli, and Anna Kovner
June 23, 2017
Low Interest Rates and Bank Profits
Katherine Di Lucido, Anna Kovner, and Samantha Zeller
June 21, 2017
Just Released: Bank Loan Performance Under the Magnifying Glass
James Vickery and April Meehl
June 1, 2017
Do Credit Markets Watch the Waving Flag of Bankruptcy?
Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham
May 15, 2017
QE Frictions: Could Banks Have Favored Refinancing over New Purchase Borrowing?
Dong Beom Choi, Hyun-Soo Choi, and Jung-Eun Kim
March 29, 2017
When Debts Compete, Which Wins?
Jacob Conway and Matthew Plosser
March 1, 2017
Getting More from the Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey
Donald P. Morgan and John R. Sporn
February 21, 2017
At the N.Y. Fed: Capital Flows, Policy Dilemmas, and the Future of Global Financial Integration
Bianca De Paoli, Luca Dedola, Linda Goldberg, Arnaud Mehl, John Rogers, and Livio Stracca
December 20, 2016
Are All CLOs Equal?
Stavros Peristiani and João Santos
December 5, 2016
Economic Policy Review
Special Issue on Large and Complex Banks
Donald P. Morgan, Anna Kovner, James Vickery, Lily Zhou, João Santos, Gara Afonso, James Traina, Samuel Antill, David Hou, Asani Sarkar, Nicola Cetorelli, James McAndrews, Linda Goldberg, Adam Kirk, Parinitha Sastry, Philip Weed, Michael Fleming, Phoebe White
Volume 20, Number 2   March 2014
Literature Review on Stability of Funding Models
Tanju Yorulmazer
Volume 20, Number 1  February 2014
Case Studies on Disruptions during the Crisis
Tanju Yorulmazer
Volume 20, Number 1  February 2014
Stability of Funding Models: An Analytical Framework
Thomas Eisenbach, Todd Keister, James McAndrews, and Tanju Yorulmazer
Volume 20, Number 1  February 2014
Staff Reports
The Shifting Drivers of Global Liquidity
Stefan Avdjiev, Leonardo Gambacorta, Linda S. Goldberg, and Stefano Schiaffi
Number 819  June 2017
Macroprudential Policy and the Revolving Door of Risk: Lessons from Leveraged Lending Guidance
Sooji Kim, Matthew C. Plosser, and João A. C. Santos
Number 813  May 2017
Transformation of Corporate Scope in U.S. Banks: Patterns and Performance Implications
Nicola Cetorelli, Michael G. Jacobides, and Sam Stern
Number 813  May 2017
Bad Credit, No Problem? Credit and Labor Market Consequences of Bad Credit Reports
Will Dobbie, Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, Neale Mahoney, and Jae Song
Number 795  October 2016
The Federal Reserve and Market Confidence
Nina Boyarchenko, Valentin Haddad, and Matthew Plosser
Number 773  April 2016
Organizational Complexity and Balance Sheet Management in Global Banks
Nicola Cetorelli and Linda S. Goldberg
Number 772  April 2016
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