Financial Intermediation: Publications

Publications covering issues related to financial intermediation and financial markets, including the behavior and health of financial institutions, innovation, governance, and risk management.
Liberty Street Economics
The Effect of Fed Funds Rate Hikes on Consumer Borrowing Costs
Nina Boyarchenko, Sooji Kim, and Matthew Plosser
December 21, 2015
U.S. Banks' Changing Footprint at Home and Abroad
Linda Goldberg and Rose Wang
November 30, 2015
Reframing the Debate about Payday Lending
Robert DeYoung, Ronald J. Mann, Donald P. Morgan, and Michael R. Strain
October 19, 2015
Evaluating the Rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
W. Scott Frame, Andreas Fuster, Joseph Tracy, and James Vickery
October 15, 2015
Same Name, New Businesses: Evolution in the Bank Holding Company
Nicola Cetorelli and Samuel Stern
September 28, 2015
Do Better Bank Services Have A Hidden Cost?
Dong Beom Choi and Ulysses Velasquez
September 22, 2015
Are BHCs Mimicking the Fed’s Stress Test Results?
Angela Deng, Beverly Hirtle, and Anna Kovner
September 21, 2015
Rethinking Mortgage Design
John Campbell, Andreas Fuster, David Lucca, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, and James Vickery
August 24, 2015
Investigating the Trading Activity of CLO Portfolio Managers
Stavros Peristiani and João Santos
August 3, 2015
Becoming a Large Bank? It’s Not Easy
Rajlakshmi De and Hamid Mehran
June 22, 2015
What Drives Buyout Booms and Busts?
Valentin Haddad, Erik Loualiche, and Matthew Plosser
June 1, 2015
Just Released: What Do Banking Supervisors Do?
Beverly Hirtle and David Lucca
May 28, 2015
Available for Sale? Understanding Bank Securities Portfolios
James Vickery, Angela Deng, and Tara Sullivan
February 11, 2015
Highlights from the Global Research Forum on International Macroeconomics and Finance
Linda Goldberg, John Rogers, Luca Dedola, and Livio Stracca
February 6, 2015
Bank Capital and Risk: Cautionary or Precautionary?
James Vickery, Anna Kovner, and Beverly Hirtle
February 2, 2015
Economic Policy Review
Special Issue on Large and Complex Banks
Donald P. Morgan, Anna Kovner, James Vickery, Lily Zhou, João Santos, Gara Afonso, James Traina, Samuel Antill, David Hou, Asani Sarkar, Nicola Cetorelli, James McAndrews, Linda Goldberg, Adam Kirk, Parinitha Sastry, Philip Weed, Michael Fleming, Phoebe White
Volume 20, Number 2   March 2014
Literature Review on Stability of Funding Models
Tanju Yorulmazer
Volume 20, Number 1  February 2014
Case Studies on Disruptions during the Crisis
Tanju Yorulmazer
Volume 20, Number 1  February 2014
Stability of Funding Models: An Analytical Framework
Thomas Eisenbach, Todd Keister, James McAndrews, and Tanju Yorulmazer
Volume 20, Number 1  February 2014
Staff Reports
Hidden Cost of Better Bank Services: Carefree Depositors in Riskier Banks?
Dong Beom Choi and Ulysses Velasquez
Number 760  January 2016
The Effect of Monetary Policy on Bank Wholesale Funding
Dong Beom Choi and Hyun-Soo Choi
Number 759  January 2016
Evaluating the Information in the Federal Reserve Stress Tests
Mark Flannery, Beverly Hirtle, and Anna Kovner
Number 744  October 2015
Supervising Large, Complex Financial Companies: What Do Supervisors Do?
Thomas Eisenbach, Andrew Haughwout, Beverly Hirtle, Anna Kovner, David Lucca, and Matthew Plosser
Number 729  May 2015
Watering a Lemon Tree: Heterogeneous Risk Taking and Monetary Policy Transmission
Dong Beom Choi, Thomas M. Eisenbach, and Tanju Yorulmazer
Number 724  April 2015
The Rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
W. Scott Frame, Andreas Fuster, Joseph Tracy, and James Vickery
Number 719  March 2015
Hybrid Intermediaries
Nicola Cetorelli
Number 705  December 2014
Banks' Incentives and the Quality of Internal Risk Models
Matthew C. Plosser and João A. C. Santos
Number 704  December 2014
CDS and Equity Market Reactions to Stock Issuances in the U.S. Financial Industry: Evidence from the 2002–2013 Period
Marcia Millon Cornett, Hamid Mehran, Kevin Pan, Minh Phan, Chenyang Wei
Number 697  November 2014
Supervisory Stress Tests
Beverly Hirtle and Andreas Lehnert
Number 696  November 2014
How Does Risk Management Influence Production Decisions? Evidence from a Field Experiment
Shawn Cole, Xavier Gine, and James Vickery
Number 692  September 2014
The Effect of State Pension Cut Legislation on Bank Values
Lee Cohen, Marcia Millon Cornett, Hamid Mehran, and Hassan Tehranian
Number 679  June 2014
The Revolving Door and Worker Flows in Banking Regulation
David Lucca, Amit Seru, and Francesco Trebbi
Number 678  June 2014
Liquidity Risk and U.S. Bank Lending at Home and Abroad
Ricardo Correa, Linda Goldberg, and Tara Rice
Number 676  June 2014
Financial Stability Policies for Shadow Banking
Tobias Adrian
Number 664   February 2014
The Capital and Loss Assessment under Stress Scenarios (CLASS) Model
Beverly Hirtle, Anna Kovner, James Vickery, and Meru Bhanot
Number 663   February 2014
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