The Labor Market for Recent College Graduates

Updated: February 12, 2021


This web feature provides regularly updated information on labor market outcomes of recent college graduates. The underlying data are available for download.

Interactive charts allow users to:

  • compare the unemployment rate of recent college graduates with that of other workers;
  • monitor the underemployment rate of recent college graduates;
  • track trends in the types of jobs held by those who are underemployed; and
  • gauge the earnings of recent college graduates against those of workers holding only a high school diploma.

There is also a table for exploring labor market outcomes of recent graduates by college major.

Click on the images to the right to view the charts and the table, and to access the data. Data on unemployment, underemployment, and underemployed job types data are updated quarterly, while information on wages and labor market outcomes is updated annually.

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Explore Labor Market Outcomes
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