Liquidity Conference

October 6-7, 2005
A conference jointly sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Bendheim Center for Finance of Princeton University.


Liquidity is essential for the working of financial markets but can dry up periodically, posing the risk of a financial crisis. To avoid a crisis, a comprehensive understanding of the forces that affect liquidity is needed.

There are multiple facets to liquidity. The macroeconomic, corporate finance, and banking literatures approach liquidity as ease of accessing funds (“funding liquidity”), while researchers specializing in market microstructure focus on the ease of trading assets (“market liquidity”).

This conference aims to bridge the gap between different liquidity concepts and to stimulate an exchange among researchers working on different aspects of liquidity. To highlight the practical relevance of the papers, a practitioner or regulator as well as an academic will discuss each paper.
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Event Details

Conference Location
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street
New York , NY 10045

Conference Organizers
Tobias Adrian, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Markus K. Brunnermeier, Princeton University
Jiang Wang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

More Information
Please contact Tobias Adrian at if you have any questions.

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