Workshop Announcement
Workshop on the Appropriate Government Role in U.S. Mortgage Markets
April 27-28, 2017
The United States government has a long history of extensive involvement in domestic mortgage markets. For example, the housing government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs)—Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Home Loan Bank System—provide more than $5.8 trillion in funding for the U.S. mortgage markets and financial institutions. The Workshop on the Appropriate Government Role in U.S. Mortgage Markets is an opportunity for informed and involved participants to discuss fundamental issues related to the government’s role in mortgage finance. The Workshop will emphasize the discussion of ideas rather than paper presentations. A goal is to illuminate the logical, empirical, and practical foundations for government involvement, if any, in mortgage markets. We hope these discussions will be useful in future deliberations regarding GSEs and mortgage market reforms.

The attendees will consist of senior representatives from academia, government, nonprofit organizations, and private companies, all of whom are involved with mortgage finance in some capacity. Attendance is by invitation only.



This workshop is closed to the media.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Benjamin Strong Room, 10th Floor
33 Liberty Street
New York, N.Y.

Conference Organizers
Scott Frame, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Stuart Gabriel, Anderson School of Management, UCLA
Diana Hancock, Federal Reserve Board
Wayne Passmore, Federal Reserve Board
Shane Sherlund, Federal Reserve Board
Joseph Tracy, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Susan Wachter, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

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