Conference Announcement and Agenda
First Annual Joint Research Day on Quantitative Tools for Monitoring Macroeconomic and Financial Conditions
February 22, 2019
Organized by the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta and New York
Hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York


General issues to be discussed:

  • The main tools for real-time monitoring economic and financial conditions.
  • The interactions between judgment and econometric models in monitoring economic and financial conditions.
  • Alternative tools for monitoring economic and financial conditions (Cross-validation, uncertainty…).
  • The types of information that should be monitored; in particular, the use of new (big) data, web data, google trends, and other such sources.
  • The appropriate structure on monitoring models; e.g. reduced form vs behavioral models.
  • The extent that central banks should share their analysis with the public.

Attendance is by invitation only

Media This event is open to the media. Chatham House Rule will be in effect for all but those remarks that are made public as explicitly noted during the event; media may report on comments made during the event, but may not attribute remarks to individuals or organization. Media who wish to attend should contact Andrea Priest at the New York Fed,

Agenda with links to presentations


Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10045

Domenico Giannone, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Tao Zha, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta