Current Issues in Economics and Finance
Current Issues in Economics and FinanceConcise studies of topical economic and financial market issues, geared toward a broad audience of educators and students, decision makers in business and government, and the general public.

This series, published from 1995 through 2014, has been archived.

Second District Highlights
A regional supplement to Current Issues in Economics and Finance covering a range of topics pertaining to the economy of the Federal Reserve System's Second District, including fiscal conditions, housing and credit markets, growth and productivity, and employment.

This series, published from 1997 through 2014, has been archived.

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2000 Issues
The Federal Reserve's Contingency Financing Plan for the Century Date Change
Evangeline Sophia Drossos and Spence Hilton
December Volume 6, Number 15
Lowering Electricity Prices through Deregulation
Thomas Klitgaard and Rekha Reddy
December Volume 6, Number 14
Financial Crises in the Emerging Markets: The Roles of the Public and Private Sectors
Terrence J. Checki and Ernest Stern
November Volume 6, Number 13
The Emergence of Electronic Communications Networks in the U.S. Equity Markets
James McAndrews and Chris Stefanadis
October Volume 6, Number 12
Changing Technology and the Payment System
Jamie B. Stewart, Jr.
October Volume 6, Number 11
A Nation of Spendthrifts? An Analysis of Trends in Personal and Gross Saving
Richard Peach and Charles Steindel
September Volume 6, Number 10
Explaining the Rising Concentration of Banking Assets in the 1990s
Kevin J. Stiroh and Jennifer P. Poole
August Volume 6, Number 9
Understanding the Recent Behavior of U.S. Inflation
Robert W. Rich and Donald Rissmiller
July Volume 6, Number 8
Rapidly Rising Corporate Debt: Are Firms Now Vulnerable to an Economic Slowdown?
Carol Osler and Gijoon Hong
June Volume 6, Number 7
Explaining the Gap between New Home Sales and Inventories
James A. Kahn
May Volume 6, Number 6
Second District Highlights
New York-New Jersey Job Expansion to Continue in 2000

James Orr and Rae D. Rosen
April Volume 6, Number 5
The Unreliability of Inflation Indicators
Stephen G. Cecchetti, Rita S. Chu, and Charles Steindel
April Volume 6, Number 4
The Emerging Role of Banks in E-Commerce
John Wenninger
March Volume 6, Number 3
Second District Highlights
Health Insurance Trends Point to an Increase in Uninsured Children in New York and New Jersey

Carol Rapaport and Reagan Murray
February Volume 6, Number 2
Are High-Quality Firms Also High-Quality Investments?
Peter Antunovich, David Laster, and Scott Mitnick
January Volume 6, Number 1
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