Current Issues in Economics and Finance
Are Recent College Graduates Finding Good Jobs?
2014 Volume 20 Number 1  
JEL classification: J20, J24, J64

Authors: Jaison R. Abel, Richard Deitz, and Yaquin Su

According to numerous accounts, the Great Recession has left many recent college graduates struggling to find jobs that utilize their education. However, a look at the data on the employment outcomes for recent graduates over the past two decades suggests that such difficulties are not a new phenomenon: individuals just beginning their careers often need time to transition into the labor market. Still, the percentage who are unemployed or “underemployed”—working in a job that typically does not require a bachelor’s degree—has risen, particularly since the 2001 recession. Moreover, the quality of the jobs held by the underemployed has declined, with today’s recent graduates increasingly accepting low-wage jobs or working part-time.
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