Mary Amiti

Mary Amiti

Head of Labor and Product Market Studies
Labor and Product Market Studies
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10045

Accepted Refereed Journal Articles

Market Concentration and Import Competition offsite
With Sebastian Heise
Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming

Inflation Strikes Back: The Role of Import Competition and the Labor Market offsite
With Sebastian Heise, Fatih Karahan, and Ayşegül Şahin
NBER Macroeconomics Annual, 2023, volume 38

Dominant Currencies: How firms choose currency invoicing and why it matters offsite
With Oleg Itskhoki and Jozef Konings
Quarterly Journal of Economics, August 2022, 137(3)

How Did China’s WTO Entry Affect U.S. Prices? offsite
With Mi Dai, Robert Feenstra, and John Romalis
Journal of International Economics, September 2020, 126

Who’s Paying for the U.S. Tariffs? A Longer-Term Perspective offsite
With Stephen J. Redding and David E. Weinstein
American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, May 2020, 110: 541-46

The Impact of the 2018 Trade War on U.S. Prices and Welfare offsite
With Stephen J. Redding and David E. Weinstein
Journal of Economic Perspectives, 33(4) Fall 2019: 187-210

International Shocks, Variable Markups, and Domestic Prices offsite
With Oleg Itskhoki and Jozef Konings
Review of Economic Studies, 86(6) November 2019: 2356-402

International Bank Flows and the Global Financial Cycle offsite
With Patrick McGuire and David E. Weinstein
IMF Economic Review, 67(1) March 2019: 61-108

How Much Do Idiosyncratic Bank Shocks Affect Investment? Evidence from Matched Bank-Firm Loan Data offsite
With David E. Weinstein
Journal of Political Economy, 126(2) April 2018: 525-87

Importers, Exporters, and Exchange Rate Disconnect offsite
With Oleg Itskhoki, and Jozef Konings
American Economic Review, 104(7) July 2014: 1942-1978

Import Competition and Quality Upgradingoffsite
With Amit K. Khandelwal
Review of Economics and Statistics, May 2013, Vol. 95, No. 2, Pages 476-490
See also >>
NBER Working Paper, No. 15503, 2009

Trade Liberalization and the Wage Skill Premium: Evidence from Indonesia offsite
With Lisa Cameron
Journal of International Economics, vol. 62(2) July 2012, 277 - 287
See also >>
CEPR Discussion Paper No. 8382,
April 2011
28 pages/ 200 kb

Trade, Firms, and Wages: Theory and Evidenceoffsite
With Donald R. Davis
Review of Economic Studies, vol. 79(1) January 2012, 1 - 36

Exports and Financial Shocksoffsite
With David E. Weinstein
Quarterly Journal of Economics, vol. 126(4) November 2011, 1841-1877
See also >>
NBER Working Paper, No. 15556, 2009

Trade Finance and the Great Trade Collapse offsite
With JaeBin Ahn and David Weinstein
American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, vol. 101(3) May 2011, 298-302.

Service Offshoring and Productivity: Evidence from the USoffsite
With Shang-Jin Wei
The World Economy, 32(2) 2009: 203-220

Trade Costs and Location of Foreign Firms in China offsite
With Beata S. Javorcik
Journal of Development Economics, 85(1-2) 2008, pp. 129-149
37 pages / 907 KB

Trade Liberalization, Intermediate Inputs, and Productivity offsite
With Jozef Konings
American Economic Review, December vol. 97(05) December 2007, pp.1611-1638

Will the Doha Round Lead to Preference Erosion?offsite
With John Romalis
IMF Staff Papers, vol. 54(2) 2007, 338-384

Economic Geography and Wages offsite
With Lisa Cameron
Review of Economics and Statistics, vol. 89(1) February 2007, pp. 15-29

Trade and Industrial Location with Heterogeneous Labour offsite
With Christopher Pissarides
Journal of International Economics, vol. 67(2) December 2005, 392-412

Location of Vertically Linked Industries: Agglomeration versus Comparative Advantage offsite
European Economic Review, vol. 49(4) May 2005, 809-832 (lead article)

Fear of Outsourcing: Is it Justified? offsite
With Shang-Jin Wei
Economic Policy, April 2005, pp. 308-348

Investment liberalization and International Trade offsite
With Katharine Wakelin
Journal of International Economics, 61(1) 2003, 101-126

Regional Specialisation and Technological Leapfrogging offsite
Journal of Regional Science, 41(1) 2001, 149-172

Trade Liberalisation of Intermediate Inputs offsite
The Australian Economic Review, 33(4) 2000, 299-302

Specialization Patterns in Europe offsite
Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv (Review of World Economics), 135(4) 1999, 573-93

Export Subsidies Impose Net Losses on Australians offsite
Agenda, 6(3) 1999, 283-287

Inter-industry Trade in Manufactures: Does Country Size Matter? offsite
Journal of International Economics, 44(2) April 1998, 231-255

New Trade Theories and Industrial Location in the EU: A Survey of Evidence offsite
Oxford Review of Economic Policy: Trade and Location, 14(2), Summer 1998, 45-53

Trade Liberalisation and the Location of Manufacturing Firms offsite
The World Economy, 21(7) 1998, 953-962

Entry and Entry Deterrence under the New Access Code offsite
With Rod Maddock
The Australian Economic Review, 3rd Quarter 1996, 287-292

Chapters in Books

How the Sequence of Trade Liberalization affects Industrial Location
in (ed) Miroslav N. Javanovic
Handbook of Economic Integration, Edward Elgar, December 2010

An Anatomy of China's Export Growth
with Caroline Freund in (eds) Robert Feenstra and Shang-Jin Wei
China's Growing Role in World Trade, NBER, 2010

Does Service Offshoring Lead to Job Losses
with Shang-Jin Wei in (eds) Marshall Reinsdorf and Mattthew Slaughter
International Flows of Invisibles, NBER Chapter 7, 2009

Are Uniform Tariffs Optimal?
in (ed.) S. Jayasuriya
Trade Theory, Analytical Models and Development: Essays in Honour of Peter Lloyd, Edward Elgar, Vol. 1, Ch3, 2005

The Geography of Intra-industry Trade
with Anthony J. Venables in P.J. Lloyd and Hyun-Hoon Lee (eds.)
Frontiers of Research on Intra-industry trade, McMillan, 2002

Spatial Distribution of Manufacturing in China
with Mei Wen in (eds) P.J. Lloyd and X.G. Zhang
Modelling the Chinese Economy, Edward Elgar, 2001


What's Behind the Volatile Import Prices from China?
with Donald R. Davis
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Current Issues in Economics and Finance, 15(1). January 2009

Is the United States Losing its Productivity Advantage?
with Kevin Stiroh
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Current Issues in Economics and Finance, 13(8), September 2007

China's Export Boom
with Caroline Freund
Finance and Development, 44(3), September 2007

Demystifying Outsourcing
with Shang-Jin Wei
Finance and Development, December 2004

Review of "Globalization and the Theory of Input Trade" by Ron Jones
Economic Record, 2001

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