Olivier Armantier

Olivier Armantier

Assistant Vice President and Function Head
Microeconomic Studies Function
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10045

Phone (212) 720-6328

Important Information About Frauds and Scams
Criminals sometimes invoke the name of the Federal Reserve and its employees to deceive the public. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in conjunction with law enforcement authorities, investigates complaints of fraud using its name.

To report or inquire about fraud involving the use of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's name, send an e-mail to report.fraud@ny.frb.org. Please do not contact Bank employees whose names may have been used without their knowledge.

Challenges in Identifying Interbank Loans
With Adam Copeland
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Economic Policy Review, Volume 21, Number 2

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