James McAndrews

James McAndrews

Executive Vice President
Director of Research
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10045

Phone (212) 720-5063
Fax (212) 720-8363


Fields of interest
Money and Banking, Payment economics, Industrial Organization, Monetary Economics

James J. McAndrews isthe Director ofResearch. His research focuses on the economics of money, payments, and banking. He has worked on many policy issues for the Bank in those areas. He has participated in several Federal Reserve System and international work groups. He has served as a consulting economist to the Bank of England, Reserve Bank of Australia, the Swedish Riksbank, the Bank of Japan, and to the World Bank. Mr. McAndrews joined the Bank in 1997 after having served as a Senior Economist and Research Advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

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