Maxim L. Pinkovskiy

Maxim Pinkovskiy

Senior Economist
Microeconomic Studies Function
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10045


Growth Discontinuities at Borders
Journal of Economic Growth, 22(2): 145-192, June 2017

Lights, Camera, … Income! Illuminating the National Accounts-Household Surveys Debate
With Xavier Sala-i-Martin
The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 131 (2): 579-631, May 2016
See also >> Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Reports, 669, January 2015

Voter Learning in State Primary Elections
with Shigeo Hirano, Gabriel Lenz and James Snyder
American Journal of Political Science, 59(1): 91-108, January 2015

Africa Is on Time
With Xavier Sala-i-Martin
Journal of Economic Growth, 2014, 19:311-338
See also >> Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Reports, 686, August 2014

World Welfare is Rising: Estimation Using Nonparametric Bounds on Welfare Measures
Journal of Public Economics, 97 no.1: 176-195, January 2013

Rational Inattention and Choice under Risk: Explaining Violations of Expected Utility Through a Shannon Entropy Formulation of the Costs of Rationality
Atlantic Economic Journal 37, no. 1: 99-112, May 2009
(Winner of International Atlantic Economic Society Best Undergraduate Paper Competition)

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