Benjamin Pugsley

Benjamin Pugsley

Macroeconomic and Monetary Studies Function
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
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New York, New York 10045

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Do Job-to-Job Transitions Drive Wage Fluctuations over the Business Cycle?
With Fatih Karahan, Ryan Michaels, Ayşegül Şahin, and Rachel Schuh
American Economic Review, vol. 107, no. 5, pp. 353-57 (May 2017)

The Role of Startups in Structural Transformation
With Robert C. Dent, Fatih Karahan, and Ayşegül Şahin
American Economic Review (Papers and Proceedings), May 2016

Are Household Surveys Like Tax Forms? Evidence from Income Underreporting of the Self-Employed
With Erik Hurst and Geng Li
Review of Economics and Statistics, Forthcoming
Online Robustness Appendix

What Do Small Businesses Do?
With Erik Hurst
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Fall 2011, pp. 73-142

The Mistake of 1937: A General Equilibrium Analysis
With Gauti Eggertsson
Monetary and Economic Studies (Special Edition), December 2006

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