Aysegul Sahin

Aysegul Sahin

Vice President
Macroeconomic and Monetary Studies Function
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10045

Phone (212) 720-5145


Demographic Origins of the Startup Deficit  PDF
With Fatih Karahan and Benjamin Pugsley

Job Search behavior Among the Employed and Non-employed  PDF
With Jason Faberman, Andreas Mueller, and Giorgio Topa
NBER Working Paper No. 23731PDF

Mismatch Unemployment in the U.K.
With Christina Patterson, Giorgio Topa, and Gianluca Violante
First draft November 2010, revised June 2013
22 pages / 162 kb
See Also >> Presentation Slides PDF

Subsidizing Job Creation in the Great Recession
With S. Kitao and J. Song
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Reports, 451, May 2010

Job-Finding and Separation Rates in the OECD
With B. Hobijn
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Report 298, August 2007

Specialization and Human Capital  PDF
With T. Mukoyama
17 pages / 221 kb

The Incentive Effects of Tuition Subsidies on Student Effort PDF
38 pages / 278 kb

Aysegul Sahin's CVPDF

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