Aysegul Sahin

Aysegul Sahin

Vice President
Macroeconomic and Monetary Studies Function
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10045

Phone (212) 720-5145


Publications in Journals

Do Job-to-Job Transitions Drive Wage Fluctuations over the Business Cycle?
With Fatih Karahan, Ryan Michaels, Benjamin Pugsley, and Rachel Schuh
American Economic Review, vol. 107, no. 5, pp. 353-57 (May 2017)

Job Search Behavior over the Business Cycle
With Toshihiko Mukoyama and Christina Patterson
Revised February 2017
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, forthcoming
See Also >> Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Reports 689, August 2014

Gross Worker Flows over the Business Cycle PDF
With P. Krusell, T. Mukoyama and R. Rogerson 
American Economic Review, forthcoming

The Role of Startups in Structural Transformation
With Robert C. Dent, Fatih Karahan, and Benjamin Pugsley
American Economic Review, P&P, 2016, 106, 219-23

Working Hard in the Wrong Place: A Mismatch-Based Explanation to the UK Productivity Puzzle
With Christina Patterson, Giorgio Topa, and Giovanni L. Violante
European Economic Review, 2016, 84, 42-56

Shifts in the Beveridge Curve
With P. A. Diamond
Research in Economics, 2015, 69(1), 12-18

On the Importance of the Participation Margin for Labor Market Fluctuations PDF
With M. Elsby and B. Hobijn
Journal of Monetary Economics, 2015, 72, 64-82

Mismatch Unemployment
With J. Song, G. Topa and G. Violante
American Economic Review, 2014, 104(11):3529-64

The Decline of the U.S. Labor Share
With M. Elsby and B. Hobijn
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Fall 2013

A Search and Matching Approach to Labor Markets: Did the Natural Rate of Unemployment Rise?  PDF
With M. Daly, B. Hobijn, and R. Valletta
Journal of Economic Perspectives, Summer 2012, 26(3): 3-26.

Unemployment Dynamics in the OECD
With M. Elsby and B. Hobijn
Review of Economics and Statistics, 2013 (95), 530-548
See Also >> NBER Working Paper #14617, February 2011
46 pages / 1453 kb

The Labor Market in the Great Recession: an Update PDF
With M. Elsby, B. Hobijn, and R. Valletta
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Fall 2011

Hiring Subsidies, Job Creation, and Job Destruction
With S. Kitao and J. Song
Economics Letters, 2011, 113 (3), 248-251.

A Three-State Model of Worker Flows in General Equilibrium PDF
With P. Krusell, T. Mukoyama, and R. Rogerson,
Journal of Economic Theory, 2011, 146 (3): 812-844
49 pages / 278 kb

Labor-Market Matching with Precautionary Savings and Aggregate Fluctuations  PDF
With P. Krusell and T. Mukoyama
Review of Economic Studies, 2010, 77 (4): 1477-1507
48 pages / 512 kb
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Appendix  PDF

The Labor Market in the Great Recession  PDF
With M. Elsby and B. Hobijn
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Spring 2010, 1-48

Updates of Selection of Figures, March 2011  PDF
9 pages / 332 kb

Aggregate Labor Market Outcomes: The Role of Choice and Chance PDF
With P. Krusell, T. Mukoyama, and R. Rogerson,
Quantitative Economics, 2010, 1 (1) 97-127
39 pages / 254 kb

Firms and Flexibility PDF
With B. Hobijn,
Economic Inquiry, Forthcoming
48 pages / 1171 kb

Job-Finding and Separation Rates in the OECD
With B. Hobijn
Economics Letters, 2009, 104 (3) 107-111

Revisiting the Welfare Effects of Eliminating Business Cycles PDF
With P. Krusell, T. Mukoyama, and A. Smith, Jr.
Review of Economic Dynamics, 2009, 12 (3) 393-402
43 pages / 271 kb

Why did the Average Duration of Unemployment Become So Much Longer?  PDF
With T. Mukoyama
Journal of Monetary Economics, 2009, 56 (2) 200-209
68 pages / 439 kb

Specialization and Efficiency with Labor-Market Matching  PDF
With T. Mukoyama
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2009, 33 (1) 221-236
32 pages / 194 kb

The Aggregate Implications of Indivisible Labor, Incomplete Markets and Search Frictions PDF
With P. Krusell, T. Mukoyama and R. Rogerson
Journal of Monetary Economics, (Carnegie-Rochester Volume), 55 (5): 961-979, July 2008
43 pages / 283 kb

Specialization and Human Capital in Search Equilibrium
With T. Mukoyama
Journal of the European Economic Association, 2006, 4(2-3) 503-512

Costs of Business Cycles for Unskilled Workers
With T. Mukoyama
Journal of Monetary Economics, 2006, 53 (8) 2179-2193

Repeated Moral Hazard with Persistence
With T. Mukoyama
Economic Theory, 2005, 25 (4) 831-854

Unemployment Insurance and the Role of Self-Insurance
With A. Abdulkadiroglu and B. Kuruscu
Review of Economic Dynamics, 2002, 3, 681-703,

Other Publications

Which Industries are Shifting the Beveridge Curve? PDF
With R.Barnichon, M. Elsby, and B. Hobijn
Monthly Labor Review, 2012, 135 (6), 25-37.

Why Small Businesses Were Hit Harder by the Recent Recession
With Sagiri Kitao, Anna Cororaton, and Sergiu Laiu
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Current Issues in Economics and Finance, Volume 17 (4), 2011

Do Initial Claims Overstate Layoffs?  OFFSITE
With B. Hobijn
FRBSF Economic letter, 2011

The Unemployment Gender Gap during the 2007 Recession
With J. Song and B. Hobijn
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Current Issues, March 2010, Volume 16, Number 2

Online Software Distribution without Enforcing Copy Protection as a Strategic Weapon
With K. Altinkemer and J. Guan
Information Systems and e-Business Management, 2005, 3 (4) 343-361


Comments on "Labor Market Flows in the Cross Section and Over Time" by S. Davis, J. Faberman and J. Haltiwanger; Carnegie-Rochester Conference, April 2011

Comments on "Job search, Emotional Well-Being and Job Finding in a Period of Mass Unemployment: Evidence from High-Frequency Longitudinal Data" by A. Krueger and A. Mueller; Brookings Panel, Spring 2011

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