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A policy-oriented journal focusing on economic and financial market issues. The Review publishes new research by Federal Reserve Bank of New York economists, papers by affiliated economists, and the proceedings of Bank-sponsored conferences. Executive summaries of select articles are available online.
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Editor: Kenneth D. Garbade
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1995 Articles
Volume 1, Number 3 October
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Remarks on Economic, Supervisory, and Regulatory Issues Facing Foreign Banks Operating intheUnitedStates
William J. McDonough, President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Correlation Products and Risk ManagementIssues
James M. Mahoney

The Commodity-Consumer Price Connection: Fact or Fable?
S. Brock Blomberg and Ethan S. Harris

Volume 1, Number 2 July
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A Prolegomenon to Future Capital Requirements
Arturo Estrella

Historical Patterns and Recent Changes in the Relationship between Bank Holding Company Size andRisk
Rebecca S. Demsetz and Philip E.Strahan

The Decline of Traditional Banking: Implications for Financial Stability and Regulatory Policy
Franklin R. Edwards and Frederic S. Mishkin

Volume 1, Number 1 January
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Colloquium on U.S. Wage Trends in the 1980s
Proceedings of a Conference Sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, November 4,1994

Opening RemarksPDF2 pages / 19 kb
William J. McDonough

The Internationalization of the U.S. Labor Market and the Wage Structure
George J. Borjas

What Are the Causes of Rising Wage Inequality in the United States?
John Bound and George Johnson

U.S. Wage Trends in the 1980s: The Role of International Factors
Robert Z. Lawrence

Inequality in Labor Market Outcomes: Contrasting the 1980s and Earlier Decades
Chinhui Juhn and Kevin M. Murphy

The Future Path and Consequences of the U.S. Earnings Gap
Frank Levy

Trade and Wages: Choosing among Alternative Explanations
Jagdish Bhagwati

Macroeconomic Implications of Shifts in the Relative Demand for Skills
Olivier Blanchard

The Growing Wage Gap: Is Training the Answer?
Lisa M. Lynch

Explaining the Growing Inequality in Wages across Skill Levels
David A. Brauer and Susan Hickok