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Volume 5, Number 3 September 1999
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Unequal Incomes, Unequal Outcomes? Economic Inequality and Measures of Well-Being
Proceedings of a Conference Sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, May7, 1999

To Our ReadersPDF1 page / 14 kb
William J. McDonough
Summary of Observations and RecommendationsPDF3 pages / 116 kb
Erica L. Groshen, Chinhui Juhn, James A. Orr, and Barbara L.Walter
Session 1: Health Status of Childred and Households in Poverty

Poverty, Children's Health, and Health Care Utilization
PDF13 pages / 110 kb
Barbara L. Wolfe
Economic Inequality and Social Differentials in MortalityPDF14 pages / 115 kb
Arline T. Geronimus
CommentaryPDF3 pages / 23 kb
Carol Rapaport
Distinguished Address
Public Health and the Public Agenda
PDF5 pages / 44 kb
Kevin Thurm
Session 2: Affordability of Housing for Young and Poor Families

Housing Outcomes: An Assessment of Long-Term Trends
PDF11 pages / 87 kb
James A. Orr and Richard W. Peach
A Look at Real Housing Prices and Incomes: Some Implications for Housing Affordability and Quality
PDF15 pages / 132 kb
Joseph Gyourko and Joseph Tracy
CommentaryPDF5 pages / 41 kb
Christopher J. Mayer
Session 3: Education and Crime in Urban Neighborhoods

The Changing Relationship between Income and Crime Victimization
PDF12 pages / 101 kb
Steven D. Levitt
Economic Inequality and the Provision of SchoolingPDF12 pages / 100 kb
Thomas A. Downes and David N. Figlio
CommentaryPDF3 pages / 27 kb
Derek Neal
Session 4: Economic Inequality and Local Public Services

From John Lindsay to Rudy Giuliani: The Decline of the Local Safety Net?
PDF16 pages / 140 kb
Edward L. Glaeser and Matthew E. Kahn
Earnings Inequality and Central-City DevelopmentPDF10 pages / 78 kb
Edwin S. Mills
CommentaryPDF4 pages / 37 kb
James M. Snyder, Jr.
Session 5: Social Indicators in New York City

Social Indicators and the Study of Inequality
PDF15 pages / 118 kb
Marcia K. Meyers and Irwin Garfinkel
CommentaryPDF3 pages / 24 kb
Howard Chernick
Closing Discussion: Social Policy Implications

General Commentary
PDF3 pages / 24 kb
Katherine McFate
General CommentaryPDF3 pages / 26 kb
Timothy Smeeding
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