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Volume 6, Number 4 October 2000

Specialization, Diversification, and the Structure of the Financial System: The Impact of Technological Change and Regulatory Reform
Proceedings of a Conference Sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, June 9, 2000

Opening Remarks
PDF3 pages / 34 kb
Jamie B. Stewart, Jr.
Session 1: Banking and Securities and Insurance: Economists' Views of the Synergies

Summary of Session 1 Presentations
PDF4 pages / 165 kb
Cara S. Lown
The Determinants of Success in the New Financial Services Environment: Now That Firms Can Do Everything, What Should They Do and Why Should Regulators Care?PDF13 pages / 151 kb
Anthony M. Santomero and David L. Eckles
The Economics and Politics of Financial ModernizationPDF13 pages / 140 kb
Randall S. Kroszner
The Changing Landscape of the Financial Services Industry: What Lies Ahead?PDF17 pages / 165 kb
Cara S. Lown, Carol L. Osler, Philip E.Strahan, and Amir Sufi
CommentaryPDF4 pages / 44 kb
Christopher T. Mahoney
Technology Address
All the Answers Are Different
PDF5 pages / 58 kb
Denis O'Leary'
Session 2: Technology: Driving Specialization or Enabling Diversification (or Both)?

Summary of Session 2 Panel Discussion
PDF4 pages / 56 kb
John Wenninger
Keynote Address
The Changing Role of Banking Supervision
PDF5 pages / 64 kb
Tom de Swaan
Session 3: Why We Do What We Do: The Views of Bankers, Insurers, and Securities Firms on Specialization and Diversification

Summary of Session 3 Panel Discussion
PDF5 pages / 62 kb
Kevin J. Stiroh
Session 4: The Changing Financial Structure: Challenges for Supervisors and Risk Managers

Summary of Session 4 Panel Discussion
PDF4 pages / 54 kb
Philip E. Strahan
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