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Volume 7, Number 2 September 2001
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Welfare Reform Four Years Later: Progress and Prospects
Proceedings of a Conference Sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, November 17, 2000

To Our ReadersPDF1 page / 37 kb
Christine M. Cumming
Opening RemarksPDF2 pages / 31 kb
Jamie B. Stewart, Jr.
Summary of Observations and RecommendationsPDF3 pages / 52 kb
Stephen V. Cameron, Robert A. Moffitt, and Carol Rapaport
Session 1: Overview and Characteristics of Welfare Leavers

How Are Families Who Left Welfare Doing over Time? A Comparison of Two Cohorts of Welfare Leavers

PDF11 pages / 517 kb
Pamela Loprest
CommentaryPDF2 pages / 44 kb
Hilary Williamson Hoynes
Session 2: Changing Caseloads: Macroeconomic Influences and Microeconomic Composition

Declining Caseloads/Increased Work: What Can We Conclude about the Effects of Welfare Reform?
PDF12 pages / 518 kb
Rebecca M. Blank
Changing Caseloads: Macro Influences and Micro CompositionPDF15 pages / 544 kb
Robert A. Moffitt and David W. Stevens
CommentaryPDF3 pages / 50 kb
Susan E. Mayer
CommentaryPDF4 pages / 51 kb
June O'Neill
Session 3: Administering Welfare Policy in New York and the Nation
Changing the Culture of the Welfare Office: The Role of Intermediaries in Linking TANF Recipients with Jobs
PDF14 pages / 529 kb
La Donna Pavetti, Michelle K. Derr, Jacquelyn Anderson, Carole Trippe, and Sidnee Paschal
CommentaryPDF6 pages / 75 kb
Kathryn Edin and Rebecca Joyce Kissane
Welfare Reform and New York City's Low-Income PopulationPDF15 pages / 548 kb
Howard Chernick and Cordelia Reimers
CommentaryPDF4 pages / 52 kb
Gary Burtless
Session 4: New Policies

Using Financial Incentives to Encourage Welfare Recipients to Become Economically Self-Sufficient

PDF19 pages / 210 kb

Philip K. Robins and Charles Michalopoulos
CommentaryPDF2 pages / 428 kb
Christopher Jencks
CommentaryPDF6 pages / 478 kb
Thomas MaCurdy
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