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The Review is a policy-oriented journal focusing on macroeconomic, banking, and financial market topics. It publishes new research by Federal Reserve Bank of New York economists, papers by affiliated economists, and the proceedings of Bank-sponsored conferences. The Review’s Executive Summaries series offers abridged versions of many articles.

Kenneth D. Garbade is the editor; Meta Brown, Richard Crump, Marco Del Negro, Jan Groen, Andrew Haughwout, and Stavros Peristiani are coeditors.

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Volume 21, Number 2   December
Download full book PDF  63 pages / 1,210 kb
A Primer on the GCF Repo® Service

The Equity Risk Premium: A Review of Models
Fernando Duarte and Carlo Rosa
Volume 21, Number 1   October
Download full book PDF  71 pages / 3,248 kb
Challenges in Identifying Interbank Loans
Olivier Armantier and Adam Copeland
Do We Know What We Owe? Consumer Debt as Reported by Borrowers and Lenders
Meta Brown, Andrew Haughwout, Donghoon Lee, and Wilbert van der Klaauw
The Great Recession's Impact on School District Finances in New York State
Rajashri Chakrabarti, Max Livingston, and Elizabeth Setren
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