Macroeconomic and Monetary Studies: Publications

Scholarly research on topics in macroeconomic and monetary policy as well as analysis of current economic, fiscal, and monetary conditions.
Liberty Street Economics
Low Productivity Growth: The Capital Formation Link
Richard Peach and Charles Steindel
June 26, 2017
Hey, Economist! How Do You Forecast the Present?
Domenico Giannone, Argia Sbordone, and Andrea Tambalotti
June 16, 2017
The New York Fed DSGE Model Forecast—May 2017
Ozge Akinci, Marco Del Negro, Abhi Gupta, Pearl Li, and Erica Moszkowski
May 31, 2017
Measuring Trend Inflation with the Underlying Inflation Gauge
Marlene Amstad, Simon Potter, and Robert Rich
May 22, 2017
Forecasting with Julia
Abhi Gupta, Pearl Li, Erica Moszkowski, Marco Del Negro, and Marc Giannoni
May 8, 2017
Just Released: The New York Fed Staff Forecast—April 2017
Jonathan McCarthy, Richard Peach, and Robert Rich
April 21, 2017
How Do People Find Jobs?
R. Jason Faberman, Andreas I. Mueller, Aysegül Sahin, Rachel Schuh, and Giorgio Topa
April 5, 2017
At the N.Y. Fed: Convening on the Evolution of Work
Nora Fitzpatrick, Laura Pilossoph, Anika Pratt, and Aysegul Sahin
November 28, 2016
The FRBNY DSGE Model Forecast—November 2016
Marco Del Negro, Marc Giannoni, Abhi Gupta, Pearl Li, and Erica Moszkowski
November 21, 2016
Current Issues in Economics and Finance
The Parts Are More Than the Whole: Separating Goods and Services to Predict Core Inflation
Richard Peach, Robert Rich, and M. Henry Linder
Volume 19, Number 7  2013
New Jersey’s Abbott Districts: Education Finances during the Great Recession
Rajashri Chakrabarti and Sarah Sutherland
Volume 19, Number 4  2013
The Financial Crisis at the Kitchen Table: Trends in Household Debt and Credit
Meta Brown, Andrew Haughwout, Donghoon Lee, and Wilbert van der Klaauw
Volume 19, Number 2  2013
Staff Reports
Safety, Liquidity, and the Natural Rate of Interest
Marco Del Negro, Domenico Giannone, Marc P. Giannoni, and Andrea Tambalotti
Number 812  May 2017
Vulnerable Growth
Tobias Adrian, Nina Boyarchenko, and Domenico Giannone
Number 794  September 2016
A Simple Model of Subprime Borrowers and Credit Growth
Alejandro Justiniano, Giorgio E. Primiceri, and Andrea Tambalotti
Number 766  February 2016
Liquidity Traps, Capital Flows
Sushant Acharya and Julien Bengui
Number 765  January 2016
The Role of Startups in Structural Transformation
Robert C. Dent, Fatih Karahan, Benjamin Pugsley, and Ayşegül Şahin
Number 762  January 2016
Working Hard in the Wrong Place: A Mismatch-Based Explanation to the U.K. Productivity Puzzle
Christina Patterson, Ayşegül Şahin, Giorgio Topa, and Giovanni L. Violante
Number 757  January 2016
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