Summer Research Internship Program
Below is information on our past Ph.D. student interns along with the feedback we received from them on the program.
2008 Summer Research Interns
Jordan Brooks, New York University
Fields: Asset Pricing

“Working at the Bank was an amazing experience. The warm and collegial atmosphere truly fostered the perfect environment for ABDs. The feedback from the diverse collection of research economists was invaluable to my dissertation research, while the lunch seminars introduced me to other fruitful avenues. I recommend this program to all economics PhDs.”
Keyu Jin, London School of Economics
Fields: International Finance, Macroeconomics, Chinese Economy
Graduate Program: Harvard, Economics Department

“The New York Fed dissertation program offers a fantastic research experience. Frequent communication with colleagues on research ideas as well as exposure to policy-related issues make the summer an enriching experience in a lively, amiable and stimulating environment. It provides a great opportunity to get jobmarket-paper-feedback which is often more comprehensive and diverse from that received in school. One can easily understand why many would like to stay after a summer experience there.”
Thomas Merten, New York University, Stern
Fields: Macroeconomics, Finance, Computational Economics
Graduate Program: Harvard, Economics Department

“The internship at the New York Fed was a tremendously productive and enjoyable experience. The feedback from the researchers on my work lead to significant improvements of my paper and the presentations provided great practice for the job market. I can highly recommend the internship to any PhD student in Macroeconomics, Finance, or International Economics.”
Berardino Palazzo, Boston University
Fields: Asset Pricing, Corporate Finance, Macroeconomics
Gradudate Program: Department of Economics, NYU

“The summer internship at the NY FED provided me with the ideal environment to work on my PhD thesis. I had the chance to present my ongoing research and the many suggestions received were important to improve my job market paper. In addition, I learned a lot from the interaction with the large and heterogeneous group of economists at the bank and from the various seminars held during the summer. It has been an extremely useful and enjoyable experience.”
2007 Summer Research Interns
Martin Oehmke, Columbia Business School
Fields: Financial Economics, Asset Pricing, Financial Intermediation
Graduate Program: Princeton

“The internship at the New York Fed offers a great opportunity for PhD students to work on their thesis during the summer before the job market. I benefited tremendously from my interaction with the economists at the Fed, and particularly their institutional knowledge of financial markets helped me greatly with my research. Moreover, presenting my research at the Fed provided me with valuable feedback before going on the market in the fall. I highly recommend this program to other graduate students in Finance or Macroeconomics.”
Ian Martin, Stanford University, Graduate School of Business
Fields: Asset Pricing, Macroeconomics
Graduate Program: Harvard

“I highly recommend the Fed internship. The atmosphere was friendly, the environment was perfect for getting work done, and there were valuable opportunities to practice presenting my job market paper. Last but not least, it was a chance to spend an extremely enjoyable summer in New York.”
Greg Kaplan, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and University of Pennsylvania
Fields: Macroeconomics, Labor Economics
Graduate Program: NYU

“My internship at the NY Fed was an extremely rewarding experience and I highly recomend it. I particularly benefited from having the opportunity to present my work to, and interact with, such a diverse group of economists. The comments, suggestions and advice that I received in seminars were invaluable. And I cant overstate the benefits of the informal interaction that goes on at the Fed on a daily basis. It is an inspiring research environment.”
2006 Summer Research Interns
Pierre Yared, Columbia Business School
Fields: Macroeconomics, Political Economy
Graduate Program: MIT Economics

“I had no idea what people did at the New York Fed. I think the New York Fed offers a unique blend of research and application, and the research economists form a great group. I’d definitely recommend the program to my peers. It’s a good opportunity to change settings, to talk to different people about research in general, and to get some perspective on one’s own research. I also think New York is a great city in which to live, the funding we receive is very generous, and the working conditions are excellent. Another nice feature of this program was that it put me in touch with graduate interns from other universities and provided a forum to discuss research and comment on each other’s work.”

Mauro Roca, Barclays Capital
Fields: Macroeconomics, International Finance, Econometrics
Graduate Program: Columbia Economics

“I’d definitely recommend this program to Ph.D. students. The opportunity to be exposed to a different research environment, other than our own department, is invaluable. It’s also worthwhile to interact on a daily basis with many economists with diverse research interests.”

Tomasz Piskorski, Columbia Business School
Fields: Dynamic Security Design, Real Estate Finance, Dynamic Macroeconomics
Graduate Program: NYU Stern

“The New York Fed offers a great opportunity to work on your dissertation over the summer, present your research and discuss it with Fed economists, and become familiar with a central bank’s research environment.”

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