Quarterly Review
A journal covering economic and financial market issues. The predecessor to the Economic Policy Review, the Quarterly Review was published from 1976 to 1994.
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1976 Articles
Volume 1Winter

The New York City Budget: Anatomy of a Fiscal Crisis
PDF12 pages / 1,143 kb
Rona B. Stein

Measuring Capacity Utilization in Manufacturing
PDF8 pages / 854 kb
James F. Ragan

The Business Situation
Current DevelopmentsPDF3 pages / 305 kb
The Changing Composition of the Labor Force
PDF7 pages / 589 kb
Sharon P. Smith

The Financial Markets
Current DevelopmentsPDF2 pages / 183 kb
Interest Rate Behavior in the Current Economic Recovery
PDF7 pages / 613 kb
John P. Judd

Treasury and Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange OperationsPDF8 pages / 468 kb
Alan R. Holmes and Scott E. Pardee

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