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A journal covering economic and financial market issues. The predecessor to the Economic Policy Review, the Quarterly Review was published from 1976 to 1994.
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1984 Articles
Volume 9, Number 1 Spring

Unresolved Issues in Monetary PolicyPDF6 pages / 116 kb
Anthony M. Solomon

Effects of Exchange Rate Uncertainty on German
and U.S. Trade
PDF10 pages / 203 kb
M. A. Akhtar and R. Spence Hilton

Corporate Use of Pension OverfundingPDF9 pages / 197 kb
Arturo Estrella

In Brief:Economic Capsules
Financial Consequences of MergersPDF5 pages / 91 kb
Madelyn Antoncic and Paul Bennett
Currency Diversification in International Financial
PDF2 pages / 55 kb
Andrew Mohl
Maturity Matching in the EuromarketsPDF3 pages / 61 kb
Robert N. McCauley
Borrowing Against Home EquityPDF3 pages / 61 kb
Robin C. DeMagistris
The Impact of Weather on Housing Starts in the First
Quarter of 1984
PDF2 pages / 46 kb
Robert B. Stoddard
Why are New York City's Electricity Rates So High?
PDF3 pages / 63 kb
Lois Banks

Monetary Policy and Open Market Operations in 1983PDF18 pages / 357 kb
Peter D. Sternlight

Treasury and Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange OperationsPDF14 pages / 295 kb
Sam Y. Cross

Volume 9, Number 2 Summer

Financial Innovation—A Complex Problem Even in a Simple FrameworkPDF8 pages / 811 kb
John Wenninger

Targeting in a Dynamic ModelPDF7 pages / 646 kb
Lawrence J. Radecki

Potential Output Growth and the Long-Term Inflation OutlookPDF8 pages / 731 kb
Douglas M. Woodham

Financing the U.S. Current Account DeficitPDF8 pages / 745 kb
Roger M. Kubarych

Did Financial Markets in 1983 Point to Recession?PDF6 pages / 528 kb
Carl J. Palash and Lawrence J. Radecki

Recent Trends in the U.S. Foreign Exchange MarketPDF10 pages / 1,015 kb
Michael D. Andrews

Nuclear Power Plant Construction: Paying the BillPDF10 pages / 804 kb
Aaron S. Gurwitz and Daniel E. Chall

In Brief:Economic Capsules
Collateralized Mortgage Obligations: Do They Reduce
Cash Flow Uncertainty?
PDF3 pages / 285 kb
Arturo Estrella and Andrew Silver
Trade Impact of Recent Actions on Unfair Trade Suits PDF2 page / 109 kb
Paul Glotzer and Leonard Sahling
Fiscal Stimulus in the Current Recovery PDF2 pages / 204 kb
A. Steven Englander, Carl J. Palash, and Peter D. Skaperdas
Outlook for State and Local Government Holdings
of U.S. Treasury Securities
PDF2 pages / 214 kb
Eric M. P. Tang
Impact of IRAs on Saving: An UpdatePDF1 page / 81 kb
Robin C. DeMagistris and Carl J. Palash

Treasury and Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange OperationsPDF3 pages / 246 kb
Sam Y. Cross

Volume 9, Number 3 Autumn

Banking Deregulation—Where Do We Go From Here?PDF5 pages / 525 kb
Anthony M. Solomon

The M1-GNP Relationship: A Component ApproachPDF10 pages / 912 kb
John Wenninger

CRR and Excess Reserves: An Early AppraisalPDF8 pages / 678 kb
Kausar Hamdani

In Brief: Economic Capsules
New Findings on Brokered DepositsPDF2 pages / 180 kb
Sherrill Shaffer and Catherine Piché
Why Have Used Car Prices Risen So Fast? PDF4 pages / 350 kb
Robert T. McGee
The Changing Durability of Business Investment
PDF3 pages / 286 kb
Douglas M. Woodham
Why the 1984 Federal Budget Deficit was Lower Than
PDF3 pages / 304 kb
Peter D. Skaperdas
Are the Leading Indicators Signaling A Recession?
PDF2 pages / 164 kb
Douglas M. Woodham

Treasury and Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange OperationsPDF13 pages / 1,181 kb
Sam Y. Cross

Volume 9, Number 4 Winter

Some Problems and Prospects for Monetary Policy in 1985PDF6 pages / 637 kb
Anthony M. Solomon

Tax Cuts and the Fiscal Management of New York StatePDF12 pages / 1,215 kb
Allen J. Proctor
What Is Behind the Capital Spending Boom?PDF12 pages / 1,046 kb
Leonard Sahling and M. A. Akhtar
Explaining the Recent Level of Single-Family Housing StartsPDF8 pages / 642 kb
Howard Esaki and Judy A. Wachtenheim
Structural Change and Slower Employment Growth in the Financial Services SectorPDF7 pages / 623 kb
Aaron S. Gurwitz and Julie N. Rappaport

Treasury and Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange OperationsPDF3 pages / 223 kb
Sam Y. Cross

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