Quarterly Review
A journal covering economic and financial market issues. The predecessor to the Economic Policy Review, the Quarterly Review was published from 1976 to 1994.
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1986 Articles
Volume 11, Number 1 Spring

Reducing International Imbalances in an Interdependent WorldPDF5 pages / 493 kb
E. Gerald Corrigan

Macroeconomic Influences on the U.S.-Japan Trade ImbalancePDF6 pages / 499 kb
Vincent Reinhart

The Changing Commodity Composition of U.S. Imports
from Japan
PDF7 pages / 578 kb
Daniel E. Nolle and Charles Pigott

Reserves Forecasting for Open Market OperationsPDF15 pages / 1,343 kb
John C. Partlan, Kausar Hamdani, and Kathleen M. Camilli

Monetary Policy and Open Market Operations in 1985PDF20 pages / 1,829 kb
Peter D. Sternlight

Treasury and Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange OperationsPDF7 pages / 490 kb
Sam Y. Cross

Volume 11, Number 2 Summer

The Recent Performance of the Commercial Banking IndustryPDF11 pages / 1,122 kb
Richard G. Davis

Estimating Household Debt Service PaymentsPDF12 pages / 929 kb
Lynn Paquette

Financial Transactions and the Demand for M1PDF6 pages / 474 kb
John Wenninger and Lawrence J. Radecki

Short-Term Borrowing by Local School DistrictsPDF12 pages / 994 kb
Allen J. Proctor

In Brief:Economic Capsules
Are Large U.S. Banks Moving International Activity
Off Their Balance Sheets?
PDF3 pages / 229 kb
Robert N. McCauley
Prospects for the U.S. International Travel Deficit
PDF4 page / 296 kb
Bruce Kasman

Treasury and Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange OperationsPDF5 pages / 388 kb
Sam Y. Cross

Volume 11, Number 3 Autumn

Responsiveness of Interest Rate Spreads and Deposit Flows to Changes in Market RatesPDF10 pages / 798 kb
John Wenninger

Wage Rigidity in West Germany: A Comparison With
the U.S. Experience
PDF11 pages / 891 kb
Linda A. Bell

The Cycle in Property/Casualty InsurancePDF9 pages / 721 kb
Robert T. McGee

Tax Reform and the Merger and Acquisition Market:
The Repeal of General Utilities
PDF5 pages / 356 kb
Charles Steindel

Treasury and Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange Operations
August-October 1986PDF7 pages / 502 kb
Sam Y. Cross
May-July 1986
PDF5 page / 383 kb
Sam Y. Cross
Volume 11, Number 4 Winter

Coping With Globally Integrated Financial MarketsPDF5 pages / 427 kb
E. Gerald Corrigan

Bankers on Pricing Consumer DepositsPDF8 pages / 834 kb
Richard G. Davis, Leon Korobow, and John Wenninger
The Pricing of Consumer Deposit Products—The Non-rate DimensionsPDF5 pages / 473 kb
Richard G. Davis and Leon Korobow
Monetary Policy Influence on the Economy—An Empirical AnalysisPDF16 pages / 1,591 kb
M. A. Akhtar and Ethan S. Harris
Inflation in the Service SectorPDF11 pages / 1,085 kb
Peter Rappoport
International "Middle-Market" BorrowingPDF7 pages / 686 kb
Jeremy Gluck
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